Getting started

Weekly support £5 per week

Our online platform allows you to list your activity, food and drink choices on the go. Then let us do the rest, implementing changes as and when you need them.

No substitute diet.

Unlike other providers, we do not replace one diet with another. Years of one particular approach are not replaced with another. Working closely with you to adapt what you currently eat will preserve your tastes and preferences around food.

Personalised nutrition

Personalised support is provided by qualified nutritionists 7 days a week. Our nutritional guidance is based on the UK healthy eating guidelines and we never deviate with fad diets or calorie counting.

Maintenance £2.50 per week

Members still have access to our online platform fortnightly. Continued support, social chat with likeminded friends, sharing of recipes and general advise will help give the reassurance needed to maintain good habits.

Real food.

We do not bombard you with pictures and recipes of ‘perfect’ meals. Our public health work has proved that real, practical food is better than the pristine studio food we often see.

No calorie counting

With over 20 years of public health experience, our dietary support avoids calories as this distracts you from the No.1 goal. Educating you about food, what you can eat, when and how to enjoy those treats is our priority.




Steve 52 10/11/19

Having someone looking at what you are eating helps. I was well overweight originally, I’ve lost nearly two stone. I am eleven something now and with my diabetes, my sugar rating is pretty much normal now.

Sarah 36 22/10/19

When we had a main meal, it wasn’t too bad but it was pasta and everything that we do is home cooked but the problem that I had was the snacking in between or finishing off the kid’s meals and stuff like that. So that side of it has got a lot easier.

Steve 41 12/03/20

I definitely having more energy due to eating better. I mean it was very hard for my wife to do a diet on her own when I just wasn’t interested and it has helped her now that we do it together.

David 39 21/02/2020

Nobesity has made me think a lot more about structuring my food. I was feeling hungry and was suppressing it. Turning the whole diet thing on its head was major positive for me. You taught me that actually you need to eat more and you certainly need to eat more often. I have never experienced that approach before.

Clare 38 20/05/2020

Nobesity has given me more structure to my diet and helped me instil discipline. It’s the meal structure, quantity and quality that really works for me and is the reason why I’m not snacking. It’s just stopped, whereas before, I wouldn’t think twice about walking into the kitchen and grabbing a biscuit to have with a cup of coffee.

Tabitha 34 28/06/2020

I was feeling hungry and suppressing it and so when I got home, I would gorge on food. I would just start snacking as soon as I got into the door. That’s no longer the case, I have my set times for eating and now no longer feel the need to snack and the cravings are now controllable and easily rectified using the methods taught to me by Nobesity.

Edan 40 25/01/2020

My lunch would consist of a large box of fruit because I was on the understanding that that would help healthy way because if you’re having fruit every day you can’t be do much wrong. To lose weight I was almost starving myself thinking that I was being really good and then getting towards the end of day and having to, like a man possessed eating anything that I could find because I felt I was going to keel over. I was making up for my diet not being balanced. Nobesity has helped me redress the balance. I now eat plenty, lose weight and I'm so much healthier and have maintained this for around 13 months. I was not able to achieve this with other diets. I would say that Nobesity is more of an education.

Ian 62 26/05/20

I plan on sticking to this plan as I’m enjoying it. I needed this kind of thing to motivate me. I would and will recommend this to anyone.

Lee 47 04/03/20

It’s definitely changed my eating habits for the better and made think what I’m eating . I feel a lot better than when I started so all good.